Mother’s Day, 2017

When you become a mother to one, you become a mother to all.

I believe I first heard that quote from a woman wiser than me; perhaps Toni Morrison or Maya Angelou.  Yet today, when I searched online for the author’s origin, I found none.  In a time where original thoughts and ideas are rare, I shan’t take credit for this, other than to say that it inspired me.

When you become a mother to one, you become a mother to all.

For logical reasons, I’ve been asked quite frequently as of late why I’m running for office again.  After all, I’m a full-time working mom with two sons under the age of 10 who’s pursuing a doctorate in education.  (As the saying goes, if you want something done, give it to a busy person.) 

So here’s why: When you become a mother to one, you become a mother to all. Those sons of mine, lovingly and privately referred to as my son-shines, are my reason for everything. Any time I’m at work, or conducting research for an academic assignment, or attending a community meeting…it’s all for them.  But it’s not just for them. It’s for their friends, and classmates and the community they live in.  From my perspective, I cannot work to create positive change for only my sons – it must also be for the generation of children that they are a part of.  For all of us, really.

It truly does take a village. My own village is fortunate enough to include two amazing mothers, aunts, family and friends who love and support me and my boys.  (The men in my life are equally as supportive and amazing, but I shall write about them another day.) The women are the foundation on which my life is built.  The life I have the privilege to live, the education to pursue, the options to thrive both professionally and politically, are all the result of the women who came before me.  My immigrant Italian grandmother and Irish great-great-grandmother.  A mother and step-mother (my “other-mother”) who were business owners and hardworking single moms. My female reverend and the many women bosses I’ve had who made a million cracks in the glass ceiling so that I could be a candidate, an academic, and a working mom. 

To all of them, I am grateful.  And so on this Mother’s Day, I remember them and honor them. Both today and every day, I remain dedicated to my efforts to create positive change in my community.  Not just for my children, but for yours as well.


Happy Mother’s Day.

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